We share biweekly newsletters exposing our members to STEM opportunities, including internships and summer programs. We want our members to be able to immerse themselves in extracurriculars in a field of study they are interested in, which will enhance their professional resumes and improve their skills.

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STEM Newsletter with Internships and summer programsSTEM Newsletter with Internships and summer programs
We lead special webinars for our members to learn in-depth about a variety of STEM disciplines and how to pursue them during their high school and post-secondary careers.
Why us: During these webinars, experts in their field are often invited to speak and provide their insight. For example, we have led webinars on topics like Robotics and Astronomy and invited a TIME-featured youth movement Encode Justice to speak. As Intelliher is a growing, student-run organization, we offer more intimate and opportune spaces to ask questions, network and lead important discussions.
STEM workshop about passion projects by IntelliHer
STEM workshop about passion projects by IntelliHer
OpenAI speaker at IntelliHer workshop
OpenAI speaker at IntelliHer workshop

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We interview undergrads, industry professionals, and organization leaders to inspire our members and offer their insight to pursue new fields.

Why us: We interview real people making real changes in the STEM world.

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