Check out our free workshops in research, dance, AI, and more! Open to All!

Biology/Medicine Workshop

April 3rd 7-8 PM PST

Learn about career paths, which courses to take, internships, and more!

Competition Math Workshop

April 21 2-3 PM PST

LATEST! Sustainability and Climate Change Workshop

June 14th, 2-3 PM PST

Hear from speakers from Climate Cardinals, PhD students, and IntelliHer Leads on how to create passion projects and learn more about these fields!

AI Ethics Seminar w/ Encode Justice

Feb 10th 2-3 PM PST

Learn about the importance of ethics in AI, and how to create responsible projects in the field!

Partner: TIME-featured Encode Justice!

Slides: here

Speaker Event with AstraFemina

March 9th, 2-3 PM PST

Learn about astronomy, aerospace, and related fields directly from professionals at NASA and more!

Partner: AstraFemina

Slides: here

STEM + Dance Workshop with STEM From Dance

Feb 26th 4 PM PST

There's an intersection between STEM and dance? Learn more about this unique field and ways to apply your interest.

Partner: STEM From Dance

Slides: here

Intro to EECS workshop

November 26th 2-3 PM PST

Learn the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, how to get started, and project development!

Slides: here

Speaker Event Workshop

December 20th, 4-5 PM PST

Hear from college undergrads and professors about getting involved in STEM! This workshop is specifically geared to medicine/biology-related fields, extending to bioengineering, computational biology, and more!

Slides: here

Hackathon Workshop

January 27th, 11 AM-12PM PST

Learn to create a passion project, find hackathons and STEM competitions, and more!

We are partnering with Magnolia Hacks for this workshop, so you can learn first-hand what is needed to succeed, directly from hackathon organizers!

Slides: here

Speaker Event Workshop

September 29th from 3:30-4:30 PM PST

Collaboration with Math 4 Girls from Pennsylvania! Hear from top college students and industry professionals about STEM fields!

Slides: here

Intro to AI/ML Workshop

October 21st from 2-3 PM PST

Learn the fundamentals, how to get started, and project development! Hear from an OpenAI speaker!

Slides: here

Intro to Robotics Workshop

November 19th from 2-3 PM PST

Hear from international winners about robotics concepts, careers, competitions, and how to succeed in this field!

Slides: here

Math Exploration Workshop

August 7th from 3-4 PM PST

This event is a collaboration between Math 4 Girls (PA) and IntelliHer, organizations working to encourage marginalized groups to pursue STEM. Learn theory, problem-solving techniques, and women's contributions to this space! Hear from guest speakers including PhD and college students!

Slides: here

Passion Project Workshop

September 18th from 6-7 PM PST

Learn how to develop a passion project and gain National recognition!

Slides: here

Intro to Web Dev Workshop

September 24th from 2-3 PM PST

Learn HTML fundamentals and create a website of your own using!

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