Marine Science Opportunities + Tips from an Interview

IntelliHer provides students with a multitude of marine science opportunities! Read to learn more!

Rupsaa G

10/10/20231 min read

IntelliHer has many exciting opportunities for students interested in Marine Biology

We have recently implemented several sources such as a detailed procedure to build a research infographic, including examples. Students are currently researching ocean acidification and more. Our Leads thought of research questions on different subjects within Marine Bio to help people formulate an idea that they can build off in the future.

We also interviewed a professional - JR Derenoncourt - at The Marine Mammal Center who gave us insight into everyday responsibilities in the field and several different experiences that come with it.

Finally, we have several opportunities and internships provided by The Marine Mammal Center and Port Seattle to help others delve deeper into the subject and find the aspects of it that they resonate with.

See below for tips and fun facts from our interview!

Check out the Marine Mammal Center for more opportunities and immersion programs!

"even volunteering with terrestrial animals (like dogs, birds, and squirrels) is a great experience and shows future colleges and employers that you are interested in this field"

"My biggest advice is to figure out your “why.” WHY are you considering a career in marine biology? Being a “marine biologist” can mean so many different things. There are people who pursue a degree in marine biology and specifically work with sharks, study the chemistry of the ocean, or work as marine science educators"

" I also recommend taking a scientific diving course (AAUS). It’s a great skill to have on a resume and may open many different types of jobs and will make you stand out for different experiences in the field."

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