IntelliHer Engineering Speaker Event

Check out advice, projects, and college details from undergrads who spoke at our speaker event!

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9/30/20231 min read

We hosted a speaker event last week!

Students got to hear from college undergrads about STEM fields, including special programs at colleges, career and research opportunities, and getting involved in their areas of interest.


Thanhbinh Nguyen - UC Berkeley EECS

Claire Xu - Carnegie Melon CS

Isabelle Montilla - UMich Chemical Engineering, SWE

Prabhleen Pawar - UMich CS, SWE

Victoria Brown - UMich Industrial and Operations Engineering, SWE

Abigail Ahn - UMich Materials Science & Engineering, SWE

Aesha Shah - Georgia Tech CS

Jessica Liang - UPenn CS

Aakanksha Deb - UPenn Material Science and Engineering

See below for some advice and info about majors given by these students!

"Math is very important in my field. Every class I've taken uses math in some way, whether that's running statistical analysis for research papers or solving a circuit or coding on a systems level" - Lily

“Don’t doubt yourself or be scared to fail. A lot of life is failing, and failing is an opportunity to learn and strengthen what you know.” - Lily

“Don’t feel pressured to do anything just because the people around you are doing that thing.” - Claire

“Be more careful about the process of solving a problem, not the outcome.” - Claire

“Embracing humanity classes and leadership positions can also help you succeed in STEM.” - Isabelle

“If you have general curiosity about certain things, don’t be afraid to ask others.” - Prabhleen

“On college applications, they often want to see you already involved deeply in your subject, so I would look for opportunities and programs in which you can learn and contribute.” - Victoria

“Make connections. Connections are everything, especially in a college space.” - Abigail

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