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AP Prep Tips


Answers can be correct content-wise, but not the best answer/not the correct answer to the question being asked so make sure to read all the questions! Additionally, use the process of elimination when stuck on a question, so you can make an educated guess.

Watch AP Classroom videos for a quick and detailed overview of content if you don't want to read your notes.

Create one-pagers summarizing each Unit's main topics: helps review + quick refresher before the exam!

See the Resources section below for practice questions and study guides.

AP Biology:

Get the recordings to our review sessions for tips and resources!  link

Focus on diagrams and lab concepts. Be able to explain procedures and how the structure of cells and organelles affects their function. Focus on CAUSE and EFFECT... how do changes in the processes affect other processes?

Lab concepts resource

AP Chemistry:

For AP Chemistry, learn lab style questions as they typically appear on the AP Test. Ensure you are well versed in normal/honors Chemistry, as it will help you understand the newer concepts. As the year progresses practice concepts from before so you don’t forget anything. Try not to cram all the information a few days before the AP test. Utilize your resources to the max and use the internet to research things you don’t completely understand. Always remember to ask questions on anything you need help on!

AP Physics Mechanics:

For the AP Physics Mechanics test, practice and study the material as you’re learning it throughout the school year. Make sure you fully understand a topic before moving on, as it all builds upon each other and the AP test tries to throw curveballs at you in problems. Ensure you understand first semester material really well, as semester two involves more applications of those units. Make sure to understand the basics! Try to go ahead a little bit, so that you can get used to the pacing of the course. Make sure you have learned or are learning Calculus before/during the course. Do a lot of practice problems, and different types too for variety. Go through all the homework problems and slides, as those are the problems that appear on tests and quizzes. When studying, try to understand the concepts and not just memorize, and learn the derivations. Practice lab questions as well, since they normally appear on the AP test. Rotations concepts also frequent the FRQ section, so make sure that you spend time reviewing that unit. Lastly, always remember to ask questions on anything you need help on. It may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of Physics it’s really fun!

FRQ tip: Drag questions often don't seem like drag questions... whenever there is a constant force and another resistive force that varies with velocity, drag equations and concepts apply! Don't get thrown off by unfamiliar prompts: they will be using familiar concepts!

AP Psychology:

For the test, make sure to practice application-based questions, and along with that, make sure you know not just what the term means, but also how you can apply it. Practice TDA(Term-Define-Apply), Pair-Compare, and QnA FRQs to get the hang of each. It will most likely be only TDA, but there is a chance the other two can appear. Make sure you know how to calculate IQ(intelligence quotient) questions, they might pop up! Quizlets are also a good option to study!! They help memorize the terms and the people you need to know for the exam. Additionally, review your past tests! If you got a couple wrong or just need to remember terms, reviewing your tests is a great idea! Reviewing and correcting mistakes is much more effective than practicing concepts you already know. If there are any study sessions available, attend them! Along with that, having study partners or studying with friends is always a go-to option! If you have any doubts or questions, you can ask your partners about it.

AP Computer Science A:

For the test, use albert.io if you have access! It’s a very good option to help you study. Make sure you review your notes as well because albert.io won’t always help and your notes can help clear the doubt.

You should also review FRQs from previous AP exams, they are quite helpful! There are answer keys online too. If you can’t solve a preview AP FRQ, many websites can help. AP Computer Science Exam Review is a great website for help as well. The FRQ concepts often repeat, so doing past questions is a great way to study. Having study partners is also a great way to prepare. Practice code together, and correct each other when necessary, ensuring that syntax is correct. Lastly, always ask questions! Your teacher will be able to help when you have a doubt.

AP World:

Understand the overall timeline: which events happened before or after others? This can help eliminate MCQ answers. We recommend memorizing the dates of a few major events, such as the Industrial Revolution.

Understand the major THEMES of the course. This can help structure your essay as you focus on one theme per paragraph.


Heimler History Videos (AP World, Euro, APUSH)


Amoeba Sisters AP Bio videos

AP World FULL CONTENT REVIEW (all notes)

Albert io for great representative MCQ practice for all classes

APUSH Resources and breakdowns

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Good luck!

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